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Company Trip to Arizona 110 views

Company Trip to Arizona Company trip for 2017 was in Phoenix Arizona this year. It was a great trip, ...

Company trip for 2017 was in Phoenix Arizona this year. It was a great trip, ...

Company trip for 2017 was in Phoenix Arizona this year. It was a great trip, got off the resort every day, climbed mountains, chased wild horses, space ... - Bobboau - Google+

My company used to ply us with an open bar every so often, but we were just acquired/merged with a much larger corp that apparently frowns on drinking at work.

There's a lot of massive cacti there - which I sort of expected, but one landscape shot show a lot of green trees etc, which I did not expect...

Arizona isn't too bad of a place at this time of the year. Looks like a nice spot right now.

The lowlands are artificially greened due to irrigation, the couple of night shots I had are mostly along a canal that diverts a local river. I also hiked near this river on the second day so I was in an unusually green area for that. Also a lot of shots are from the hotel which has a shit ton of water everywhere. The saguaro cactus really are an amazing thing. They are utterly gigantic and feel as though they are at the wrong scale. Seeing them in the wild really left a much stronger impression on me than you would have thought.

Yes, they are massive - I saw a wildlife documentary on deserts a couple of years ago and they showed the point of view of a hawk waiting on top of a cactus and it was like a mountain... To me, they symbolise the Wild West too - as much as swing-doors at a saloon, or the wooden crosses on Boot Hill...

Beware: Bees!

your album is called Arazona.

this is a damn sexy man right here

your album is called Arazona.
I don't know why but my hands keep wanting to spell it like that and it I'm not careful it'll slip out. and can't you just smell the sweaty neck-beard through the internet.

this is a damn sexy man right here
This guy fucks.

you clearly need to get your sexometer recalibrated.

That's the face of pound-town.

Chesch rolls on the floor laughing

I looked pretty hard and can't find the fucking comic but there's a comic character that looks so much like that, but without the hat.

So there is a story behind that picture. I had texted someone a "hey I'm on a mountain in Arizona!" message. and they responded with "you better be wearing sunscreen" I said I was way ahead of them, and then they said "you also better be wearing a hat" so I took that picture and responded "look at me styiling in this selfy".

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